Switching to Firefox again

The other day I stumbled upon the article Windows Timer Resolution: Megawatts Wasted and to make long story short, I ran powercfg -energy duration 5 on my system and found that Chrome, Spotify and Naver’s Line client for Windows were making my system to increase timer resolution to 1 ms, wasting energy and making my laptop run warmer […]

Disabling right click and swipe on Windows Store Apps without using code-behind

A month ago I was working on a Windows Store project and I needed to disable right click and swipe for some grid controls. Of course, the property to disable/enable swipe is well known: IsSwipeEnabled. Just put a false there and you’re ready to go! But I could not find an equivalent property to disable […]

Showing a rotation-locked activity programatically in Android

Sometimes you need an activity showing in a locked orientation (i.e. no rotation allowed), but you need to decide which orientation should be the activity display dynamically by code. In my case, I had to implement a chroma-keyed camera app and the backgrounds where either landscape or portrait. When the user tapped the background to […]