Xavier Rubio Jansana

Xavier Rubio Jansana

Mobile engineer.
Android and iOS.
Diver and sea lover.

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Hi there!

This blog contains thoughts, tips and tricks related to software development that I’ve found while working on what I like most: software development. Who am I? My name is Xavier Rubio Jansana, and I’m a Barcelona-based software developer with many years of experience. My main fields of expertise include mobile development and backend development. I’ve been developing mobile apps since the times of Palm OS, and I’ve developed also for Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, J2ME, BlackBerry, iOS and Android, and also using web technologies (i.e hybrid apps). In server-space I’ve used technologies like J2EE, PHP and Python, working also in platforms like Amazon Cloud and Google App Engine.

If you’re interested, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

On my spare time I also like to scuba dive and playing the guitar, and spending time with my wife and friends having some drinks at the (most of time) sunny Barcelona. You know, paella, tapas and sangria. And pa amb tomàquet! Or so they say… ;)