Android compatibility with 32-bit libraries on a 64-bit device

Recently I run into a problem with an app we’re working on: suddenly it stopped to work on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It was still working on all the other, older devices. The first idea was: the app is using a JNI library, so it’s a 64-bit compatibility problem. And bingo! This was the reason… […]

Language change detection in Android Jellybean 4.2+

In the current project I’m working on we had to detect system language change. We wanted to rely on Android configuration change mechanism, that handles this for us, but we had to do some additional state modifications beside UI. So, the easy way is to detect configuration changes and handle them, following Handling Runtime Changes. Ok, so we […]

Debug Cordova apps using GenyMotion

Debugging Cordova apps using GenyMotion is fully supported. You just have to bear in mind that it behaves as a real device for ADB. So, to launch it from the command line you just have to run: cordova run android From your project directory. All credit must go to Nextneed on Stackoverflow.

Showing a rotation-locked activity programatically in Android

Sometimes you need an activity showing in a locked orientation (i.e. no rotation allowed), but you need to decide which orientation should be the activity display dynamically by code. In my case, I had to implement a chroma-keyed camera app and the backgrounds where either landscape or portrait. When the user tapped the background to […]