Offtopic: mechanical calculators (cardboard and wood!)

A few days ago I happened to stumble with this fun article of a mechanical 4-bit calculator made in cardboard. Even if it’s quite unreliable, is interesting to see the methodical approach and all the creativity to make this work with only cardboard and marbles. In the comments of the article there is a Youtube […]

Hilarious Git plugin: git-blame-someone-else

This plugin allows to change the commit author information. Super-useful to avoid to be the one to blame for bugs and mistakes. ;) “I love git-blame-someone-else!!” –Linus Torvalds says* *Linus Torvalds didn’t really approve of this. It’s a joke to prove it works. See his fake commit here

FizzBuzz in CSS

The next time an interviewer asks you to solve FizzBuzz, impress them by doing it without a programming language. — Eric Wastl (@ericwastl) November 20, 2015


Fun moment: Wat